Company Culture


To stand up for “Made in China”

To create a happy life for employees

To achieve national economic prosperity


Climatest Symor has a Chinese dream, that is hope to contribute a meager strength to the economic revitalization of our country, no matter how The Times change, we will continue to make our efforts and play a positive role in national rejuvenation, the happiness of our people and national prosperity.



Honest and trustworthy



Win-win cooperation

Do the right thing and do it well

Honesty and trustworthiness - the foundation of Climatest Symor

Loyalty and patriotism, fairness and justice, respect for the law, and adherence to the bottom line of law and morality.

Keep the promise, integrate knowledge and action, be open and aboveboard, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of relevant parties.

Responsibility: The enterprise is responsible for employees and the society.


Lead business progress

Create a better life


Business progress is an important driving force for national prosperity and social development, and a better life is what people yearn for, Climatest Symor is trying best to provide better service to our customers, create higher value to our employees, build up broader career path for our associates and assume full responsibilities as a corporate citizen.


Dedication to the country

Dare to be the first to innovate

Perseverance to move forward

The spirit of self-improvement


Climatest Symor keeps the original mission in mind, dare to make self-change, good at learning and transcend, we always maintain a sense of competition and pursue excellent development, this helps us explore and practice all the way, and have the courage to solve problems.


Become trusted and loved by the public

Make the quality move forward


Climatest Symor is committed to establish excellent reputation in the market, continue to improve public awareness, and become a model of strength and image in environmental simulation industry.



Sincere unity

Open and aggressive


Sincerity and unity reflect the way to get along with people. It is the "heart connecting bridge" for Climatest Symor to build internal relationship, and to create a caring, harmonious and positive atmosphere for our employees.



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