Medicine Stability Test Chamber

Climatest Symor® has built reputation as a leading medicine stability test chamber manufacturer in China, the company masters medicine stability test chamber core technology, and obtained independent intellectual property rights, our drug stability test chamber follows ICH Guideline, it is a must-have equipment for GMP certification of pharmaceutical factories.

A medicine product may experience an odyssey before reaching the patient after leaving the production line, causing deterioration of quality, erosion of content, or decrease in safety, the principal ingredient may remain qualified but its assistants change making the medicine unsafe. Thus research on stability and availability of medicine plays a 
vital role in quality control.

In ICH Guideline, it specified the drugs shelf life under exposure to temperature, humidity, light, or integrated environments during defined cycles, it is a good reference for the stability of raw materials or drugs. Medicine stability test chamber adopts a scientific method to create a stable temperature, humidity and light environment for drugs testing, it is applicable to pharmaceutical companies for the accelerated test, long-term test, high humidity test and strong light irradiation test of new drugs, this machine can conduct drug stability tests

Climatest Symor® medicine stability test chamber is CE approved, the chamber is able to conduct 12 months continuous shelf life testing without stop, this requires strict running performance and best quality, through 20 years of unremitting efforts, Climatest Symor® is recognized and trusted by worldwide customers.

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