Salt Spray Test Chamber

Climatest Symor® is the earliest salt spray test chamber manufacturer and factory in China, salt spray test chamber creates a salt fog spraying environment, to test the corrosion resistance of the protective layers, such as coating, painting, electroplating and anodizing,the chamber performs NSS, CASS, AASS tests specified in ASTM, IEC, ISO, MIL testing standards.

Since the chloride concentration in the salt spray chamber is many times higher than in natural environment, this greatly accelerates the corrosion speed, and greatly shorten the testing time to obtain the result, salt spray test chamber makes it possible to evaluate whether coatings, paints, and metals are suitable to expose under maritime or salt corrosion environment.

Climatest Symor® is an environmental test chamber, it adopts tower-type atomizer, with quartz spraying nozzles, which is corrosion resistant and crystallization resistant, the whole chamber is made by reinforced PP plates, that is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, and aging resistant.

Climatest Symor® exports salt spray chambers to more than 20 countries, and trusted by the worldwide customers by its unbeatable quality, prompt service and lifetime free technical support.

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