Electronic Dry Cabinet

Electronic dry cabinet for electronic components provides a low humidity storage environment for PCB, IC packages, moisture-sensitive devices (MSD) safely stored in this electronic dry cabinet can reset their floor life, the micro-cracking and pop-corn is no longer a problem. Climatest Symor® is the earliest electronic dry cabinet manufacturer in China, the company owns a professional team dedicated to the humidity control research, our electronic dry cabinet performance is stable, quality is reliable, it is a good helper for storing humidity-sensitive materials.

Climatest Symor® electronic dry cabinet meets short- and long-term low humidity dry storage needs, the patented dry units absorb moisture inside and discharge to the outside automatically, the molecular sieve in the dry units can be re-generated, this makes them ready for the next drying process, and no need replacement within 15 years.

In SMT production line, after opening packages, the unused materials exposed to the high humidity environment will directly cause failure in the next soldering process, this is hard to notice in the beginning, but later comes with big loss and low efficiency. 

Climatest Symor® electronic dry cabinet is an optimal solution to the above problems, the cabinet offers a humidity controlled environment, to protect your electronic components from moisture related damages, a low-cost investment in exchange for more efficient production.
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  • Climatest Symor® is a dry storage cabinet manufacturer in China. The company supplies ESD Safe Humidity Control Electronic Dry Cabinet.

    Model: TDU320BFD
    Capacity: 320L
    Humidity: <3%RH Automatic
    Shelves: 3pcs
    Color: Dark Blue, ESD safe
    Interior dimension: W898*D422*H848 MM
    Exterior dimension: W900*D450*H1010 MM

  • Climatest Symor® is a Dry Cabinet for chips manufacturer in China. We are good at temperature and humidity control techniques, and our dry cabinets for chips are excellent in both price and performance, this gives us a high reputation in the international market.

    Model: TDU435BFD.
    Capacity: 435L.
    Humidity: <3%RH Automatic.
    Shelves: 3pcs.
    Color: Dark Blue, ESD safe.
    Interior dimension: W898*D572*H848 MM.
    Exterior dimension: W900*D600*H1010 MM

  • Climatest Symor® manufactures PCB storage dry cabinets for the electronic manufacturing industry. The company focuses on temperature and humidity control techniques, and our PCB storage dry cabinets follow JEDEC-STD-033 standards, both price and performance are competitive.

    Model: TDU540BFD
    Capacity: 540L
    Humidity: <3%RH Automatic
    Shelves: 3pcs
    Color: Dark Blue, ESD safe
    Interior dimension: W596*D682*H1298 MM
    Exterior dimension: W598*D710*H1465 MM

  • Climatest Symor® manufactures low-humidity storage dry cabinets in China. The company has focused on temperature and humidity control techniques for many years, and our low-humidity storage dry cabinets are CE-approved, and the warranty is two years with lifetime free support.

    Model: TDU718BFD
    Capacity: 718L
    Humidity: <3%RH Automatic
    Shelves: 5pcs
    Color: Dark Blue, ESD safe
    Interior dimension: W596*D682*H1723 MM
    Exterior dimension: W598*D710*H1910 MM

  • Dry Storage Cabinet, Electronic Dry Cabinet, Dehumidify Moisture Proof Lab Dry Box, Low Humidity Storage Cabinet, Humidity Control Dry Box Cabinet, ESD Safe Humidity Control.

    Model: DHC-1200
    Capacity: 1200L
    Humidity: 20%-80%RH adjustable
    Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
    Color: Dark blue, ESD safe
    Interior dimension: W1170*D540*H490 MM per layer
    Exterior dimension: W1210*D575*H1945 MM

  • Stainless steel nitrogen purge cabinets provide clean, low humidity storage for both cleanroom and electronic assembly applications, the cabinet is designed for maximum load and durability, stainless steel nitrogen purge cabinets are installed with a nitrogen inlet to purge working area, so as to protect storage items from being oxidized, the whole N2 dry cabinet is made by mirror SUS#304.

    Model: TDN1436S-6
    Capacity: 1436L
    Humidity: 1%-60%RH adjustable
    Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
    Color: Mirror stainless steel 304
    Interior dimension: W1198*D682*H1723 MM
    Exterior dimension: W1200*D710*H1910 MM

We are professional in manufacturing Electronic Dry Cabinet Climatest Symor is one of the Electronic Dry Cabinet manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.
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