500°C Precision Oven

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  • Climatest Symor® is a manufacturer of high temperature industrial ovens, which are designed to accommodate a variety of load sizes and yields. Our ovens are known for accurate temperature control, higher yields, and consistent, reproducible results, providing constant uniform temperature, contributed by their robust construction quality and design.

    Model: TBPG-9200A
    Capacity: 90L
    Interior Dimension: 600*600*600 mm
    Exterior dimension: 950*885*840 mm

  • Climatest Symor® is China industrial high temperature lab oven manufacturer, we are committed to designing, manufacturing and serving industrial ovens at competitive prices, the ovens are available in 4 different standard models, and customizable for your products application, there are variety of customized options for your selection at competitive prices.

    Model: TBPG-9100A
    Capacity: 90L
    Interior Dimension: 450*450*450 mm
    Exterior dimension: 795*730*690 mm

  • Industrial high temperature drying ovens are manufactured in 4 standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperatures of 400°C , 500°C and 600°C, these ovens are suitable for drying, curing, hardening, heat treatment, aging and components testing. There are variety of customized options at competitive prices in China.

    Model: TBPG-9050A
    Capacity: 50L
    Interior Dimension: 350*350*400 mm
    Exterior dimension: 695*635*635 mm

  • The 500 deg C high temperature oven is an electric drying oven for industrial applications, with temperatures up to 500°C. The exterior oven is made of zinc steel, with an easy clean powder coated finish, the interior oven on all sizes are made of high grade, rust resistant stainless steel, the middle layer is fitted with high density thermal insulation to minimize heat loss and offer efficient running costs.

    Model: TBPG-9030A
    Capacity: 30L
    Interior Dimension: 320*320*300 mm
    Exterior dimension: 665*600*555 mm

We are professional in manufacturing 500°C Precision Oven Climatest Symor is one of the 500°C Precision Oven manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.
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