250°C Benchtop Drying Oven

250°C Benchtop drying oven, also know as small lab drying oven, is a desktop drying and heating oven, which uses electric heating to generate hot air, and a circulation fan to blow the hot air uniformly, this way ensures better temperature balance inside. Climatest Symor® is the laboratory drying oven manufacturer and factory in China, the company has concentrated on temperature and humidity control technology for 20 years, and is committed to supplying best quality benchtop drying oven for customers.

Small lab drying oven is commonly used for components drying, baking, curing, sterilizing, evaporating, heat treating, thermal testing, the temperature control range is RT+10~250℃, the temperature controller is digital display with PID control, it has over-temperature protection as well as timing function, besides, the air intake and exhaust volume can be adjusted on the control panel.

The interior 250°C Benchtop drying oven is made by mirror stainless steel 304, the exterior is galvanized steel with epoxy powder coated, shelves are made by SS 304 wire mesh, height is adjustable, and there is an observation window made by tempered glass, benchtop drying oven comes in different sizes.

Benchtop drying oven is suitable to bake electronic components, such as printed circuits boards (PCB/PCBA) during SMT assembly, moreover, this small lab drying oven is also widely applied in mining enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes. Welcome to buy 250°C Benchtop Drying Oven from us.
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We are professional in manufacturing 250°C Benchtop Drying Oven Climatest Symor is one of the 250°C Benchtop Drying Oven manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.