300°C Benchtop Drying Oven

300°C Benchtop drying oven, or thermostatic drying oven, adopts a forced air circulation system, to generate an uniform hot air circulation environment, It is essential for electronics baking, aging tests, glassware drying, and sterilization, Climatest Symor® is the thermostatic drying oven manufacturer and factory in China, we put quality and service at the first place, and make efforts to supply the best quality thermostatic drying oven for our customers.

A 300°C Benchtop drying oven can control temperature range RT+10~300℃, the temperature controller is digital display with PID control, it has over-temperature protection and timing function, besides, the air intake and exhaust volume can be adjusted on the control panel.

After the PCB is manufactured, it has a fixed shelf life. If the shelf life is exceeded, they need to be baked under 120±5°C for specified hours, otherwise, it is easy to cause cracking during SMT assembly, PCB baking oven can effectively remove moisture and humidity on the electronic components, like printed circuits boards (PCB) or PCBA (soldered with component), to make them completely dry, and ready for the next soldering process, customers can set time on the LED digital display, once the time is up, it will automatically shut down and alarm, the whole baking process is automatic.

Climatest Symor® owns a professional design team, a high-efficient production team, and a strict quality control team, this enables us to manufacture state-of-the-art thermostatic drying ovens for customers all over the world. Welcome to buy 250°C Benchtop Drying Oven from us.
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We are professional in manufacturing 300°C Benchtop Drying Oven Climatest Symor is one of the 300°C Benchtop Drying Oven manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.