UV Aging Test Chamber

Climatest Symor® is the earliest UV aging test chamber manufacturer and factory in China, UV aging test chamber  uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps to simulate the damages of sunlight, and uses temperature & humidity to simulate rain and condensation, the specimens are exposed in UV aging chamber, they encounter a controlled climatic condition: UV radiation, high humidity at a certain temperature, the intensity is many times higher than in the natural forces, these extreme environmental elements cause failures on products, such as cracking, fading, discoloration, foaming, turbidity and more.

Climatest Symor® UV aging test chamber complies with the requirements in ASTM/GB/ISO testing standards, the typical testing cycle is UV light irradiation at a high temperature, a dark and condensation environment with >95%RH relative humidity, the common applications are paint coatings, automotive industry, rubber and plastic products.

Just a few days or weeks, UV aging test chamber reproduces similar damages that may take months or years under natural condition, this machine greatly shortens the testing time, and help manufacturers select new materials and improve the performance. 

Climatest Symor® exports UV aging test chambers to more than 20 countries, and trusted by the worldwide customers by its good quality, excellent service and lifetime free technical support.
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We are professional in manufacturing UV Aging Test Chamber Climatest Symor is one of the UV Aging Test Chamber manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.