Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Climatest Symor® is a thermal shock test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China, the company is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering state-of-the-art thermal shock test chambers.

A thermal shock test chamber simulates extreme temperature conditions in temperature, to test the reliability of a product, materials, or components, Climatest Symor® two-zone thermal shock chamber has a pneumatic carrier inside to transfer the specimen between two temperature zones, and a built-in viewing window for easy observation.

Thermal shock chamber comes in various performance configurations to meet specific testing standards, the test chamber can evaluate product quality and reliability, and find manufacturing defects before selling to the market.

Climatest Symor® thermal shock chamber is important in products manufacturing in the development stage, it is widely applied to electronics and consumer products, aviation, telecommunication, military, and defense.

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  • Thermal cycling test is used to evaluate the integrity of products when subjected to extreme temperatures. It involves cycling the products between two temperature extremes, usually a cold and a hot temperature. This test is used to determine the products’ ability to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction associated with the different temperatures.

    Model: TS2-150
    Capacity: 150L
    Interior Dimension: 500*500*600 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1450*1850*2050 mm

  • Temperature Shock Chamber is a type of environmental testing used to assess the impact of rapid and extreme temperature changes on products. It is used to evaluate how a product or material performs under harsh environmental conditions.

    Model: TS2-120
    Capacity: 120L
    Interior Dimension: 600*400*500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1700*1850*1700 mm

  • Climatest Symor® is temperature shock test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China. This chamber has hot zone and cold zone, during the test, there is a pneumatic basket holds the specimen and transfers between two zones automatically in a short time, so as to assess products reliability under dramatically temperature changing.

    Model: TS2-100
    Capacity: 100L
    Interior Dimension: 400*500*500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1350*1800*1950 mm

  • Climatest Symor® is a professional temperature cycle test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China. This chamber has two zones vertically. Upper zone has hot temperature and lower zone has cold temperature. During test, a pneumatic basket will hold the specimen and transfer it between two zones in a rapid time.

    Model: TS2-80
    Capacity: 80L
    Interior Dimension: 400*400*500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1350*1800*1950 mm

  • Climatest Symor® is thermal shock chamber manufacturers and supplier. The chamber rapidly alternates between two temperature extremes, in order to test the thermal stability of various materials and components, such as integrated circuits, solder joint and interconnects.

    Model: TS2-60
    Capacity: 60L
    Interior Dimension: 400*300*500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1350*1600*1850 mm

  • A thermal shock test chamber is a type of environmental chamber that aims to test the effects of extreme temperature variations on materials and components. The chamber is designed to rapidly switch between two extreme temperatures, simulating the influences of sudden temperature drops or rises an object may experience in its service life.

    Model: TS2-40
    Capacity: 42L
    Interior Dimension: 400*300*350 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1350*1600*1670 mm

We are professional in manufacturing Thermal Shock Test Chamber Climatest Symor is one of the Thermal Shock Test Chamber manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.
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