DRY-CABI is the sub-brand of Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. Dry cabinets are storage solutions designed to maintain a low-humidity environment, essential for preserving sensitive items like electronics, photographic equipment, and certain types of artwork. The 20-80% humidity range is used for various applications, ensuring that moisture-sensitive materials remain in optimal condition.

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  • Dry Storage Cabinet, Electronic Dry Cabinet, Dehumidify Moisture Proof Lab Dry Box, Low Humidity Storage Cabinet, Humidity Control Dry Box Cabinet, ESD Safe Humidity Control.

    Model: DHC-1200
    Capacity: 1200L
    Humidity: 20%-80%RH adjustable
    Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
    Color: Dark blue, ESD safe
    Interior dimension: W1170*D540*H490 MM per layer
    Exterior dimension: W1210*D575*H1945 MM

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