DRY-CABI Dry Storage Cabinet
  • DRY-CABI Dry Storage CabinetDRY-CABI Dry Storage Cabinet
  • DRY-CABI Dry Storage CabinetDRY-CABI Dry Storage Cabinet
  • DRY-CABI Dry Storage CabinetDRY-CABI Dry Storage Cabinet

DRY-CABI Dry Storage Cabinet

Dry Storage Cabinet, Electronic Dry Cabinet, Dehumidify Moisture Proof Lab Dry Box, Low Humidity Storage Cabinet, Humidity Control Dry Box Cabinet, ESD Safe Humidity Control.

Model: DHC-1200
Capacity: 1200L
Humidity: 20%-80%RH adjustable
Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
Color: Dark blue, ESD safe
Interior dimension: W1170*D540*H490 MM per layer
Exterior dimension: W1210*D575*H1945 MM

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Product Description


DRY-CABI is sub-brand of Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd, it is a popular brand of dry cabinets used to store and protect items sensitive to humidity. These cabinets are often used in various industries, including electronics, photography, and research, to prevent moisture-related damage. The DRY-CABI DHC-1200 dry cabinet is the best seller, which is designed for larger storage needs, offering advanced humidity control and ample space.

DRY-CABI DHC-1200 dry storage cabinet: Specification

Model DHC-1200
Interior Dimension W1170*D540*H490 MM/ one layer
Exterior Dimension W1210*D580*H1950 MM
Packing Dimension W1310*D665*H2100 MM
Humidity Range 20%~80%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±3.0% ( Humidity sensor accuracy: ±2.0%)
Shelves 5PCS
ESD safe Function YES
Power Consumption Average 8W/Max. 170W
Power Supply AC110V 220V 230V 240V, 50HZ/60HZ
Net Weight 130KG
Gross Weight 170KG
Ambient Temperature +5°C~ 35°C
Condition Between 60~80%RH, the ambient humidity should be at least 10%RH higher than the setting value.

DRY-CABI DHC-1200 dry storage cabinet: Feature

▸Humidity Range: Adjustable humidity range between 20-80%, providing optimal conditions for sensitive materials.

▸Digital Display: A user-friendly digital control for easy monitoring and RH adjustment.

▸Durable Structure: ESD safe galvanized steel to ensure durability and long-term use.

▸Adjustable Shelves: Height adjustable, offering flexibility in storage.

▸Energy Efficient: Energy-efficient, while maintaining effective humidity control.

How to dehumidify?

The desiccant is the heart of a dry storage cabinet, it is made of the most advanced molecular sieve, which can be regenerated, and maintenance free, the service life is + 15 years. Even after power failure, the desiccant can still continue to absorb humidity, the interior humidity should not rise more than 10%RH within 24 hours.

The desiccant absorbs moisture from the air inside the cabinet, then attracts and holds water molecules, reducing the humidity level within the cabinet, through mini heating, it releases the absorbed moisture outside. This process is often automated, cycling between absorption and regeneration to maintain constant humidity control.

DRY-CABI adopts advanced technology, including Switzerland-imported Relative Humidity (RH) and temperature sensors, to ensure precise control and monitoring of the internal environment, the humidity sensor accuracy is +/-2%RH. By maintaining a stable, low-humidity environment, dry cabinets effectively protect sensitive items from the damaging effects of moisture, such as corrosion, mold, and degradation.

DRY-CABI dry cabinets performance in SMT production

During the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) reflow process, managing ambient humidity is critical to prevent moisture-related damage to electronic components. High humidity can cause moisture to penetrate electronic assemblies, leading to issues like micro-cracks and a phenomenon known as "popcorning."

Normal storage

 Reflow process

Moisture in the ambient penetrates into the packages.

During heating, the water steam pressure increases, that separates the die and resin.

The water steam continues to expand under heating, blowing up the packages.

The water steam breaks the packages, which causes micro-cracking.

DRY-CABI Auto Dry Cabinets are designed to maintain humidity levels from 20%RH to 80%RH, when you set humidity level between 70-80%RH, the ambient humidity level should be at least 10%RH higher than the setting value. 

20%~80%RH Series dehumidifying speed:

(Ambient 25 degree C, humidity 60%RH, unload)

Difference between dry cabinets and nitrogen cabinets:

▸Drying cabinets are automatic dehumidifying cabinets, and they absorb moisture and discharge it to the outside by using desiccants, forming a low-humidity storage atmosphere without N2 gas.

▸Nitrogen cabinets use nitrogen purging for both low humidity and anti-oxidation storage, which are applied in semiconductor manufacturing industry.

In summary, nitrogen cabinets use N2 gas to realize low oxygen and low humidity, while drying cabinets only control humidity control, with no anti-oxidization function.

DRY-CABI DHC-1200 dry storage cabinet: Application

▸Electronics: Precise humidity control prevents oxidation and corrosion of electronic components.

▸Photography: Ensures cameras and lenses are protected from moisture, preventing fungus growth.

▸Laboratories: Maintains stable conditions for storing sensitive samples and chemicals.

▸Manufacturing: Provides optimal storage conditions for moisture-sensitive materials and products.

For more details about DRY-CABI drying cabinets, please visit our website www.climatestsymor.com, or send an email to sales@climatestsymor.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible and welcome possible cooperation.

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