Environmental Test Chamber

Climatest Symor® is the top environmental test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China, the company concentrates on temperature and humidity control technique, and exports to more than 20 countries worldwide, with excellent technical support, state-of-the-art quality and rest assured service, Climatest Symor® gains a strong presence in the world market.

Environmental test chamber is designed to simulate specified atmospheric conditions, such as high low temperature, humidity, salt spraying, UV radiation, to test the reliability, stability, and practicality of various products and new materials in early R&D stage.

Environmental test chamber is a must-have equipment in electronic manufacturing, automobile, pharmaceutical, aerospace and plastic industries, Climatest Symor® provides environment test chambers with competitive price, reliable quality and good service support.

Climatest Symor® is ISO9001:2015 certified, all environmental test chambers are CE approved, we work closely with government projects in recent years, and cooperate with world-famous electronic/automobile manufacturer, like Foxconn, Wistron, Husco automotive, REC solar, Den Braven,and more.
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  • The new generation of stability chambers in pharmaceutical integrate Climatest Symor®'s many years of design and production experience, and introduces German technology. Breaking through the defect that the existing domestic drug test chambers cannot run continuously for a long time, it is a necessary equipment for GMP certification of pharmaceutical factories.

    Model: TG-80SD
    Capacity: 80L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Off white
    Interior dimension: 400×400×500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 550×790×1080 mm

  • A temperature cycling chamber is a piece of laboratory testing equipment, that is designed to simulate extreme temperature changes over time. It can be used to test the durability and reliability of materials, components, or products under conditions of rapid heating and cooling.

    Model: TGDJS-500
    Capacity: 500L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Blue
    Interior dimension: 800×700×900 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1350×1300×2200 mm

  • Looking for the price of a climate chamber? Find it here at Climatest Symor® - China trusted environmental test chamber manufacturer. A climate chamber price is decided by several factors, such as the size of the chamber, the type of controls and features, and the manufacturer. It's important to consider not only the purchase price of the chamber, but also the long-term costs of operating and maintaining the chamber, including electrical usage, replacement parts, and servicing.

    Model: TGDJS-250
    Capacity: 250L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Blue
    Interior dimension: 600×500×800 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1120×1100×2010 mm

  • A climate chamber is a device used for environmental testing, it can simulate a wide range of environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. It is commonly used to test the durability and reliability of products under extreme conditions before they are released to the market.

    Model: TGDJS-150
    Capacity: 150L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Blue
    Interior dimension: 500×500×600 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1050×1100×1850 mm

  • Climatest Symor® supplies environmental test chambers at competitive prices, an environmental test chamber is an enclosed space designed to simulate a specific environmental condition, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, or lighting. It is commonly used in scientific research, product testing, and manufacturing to study the effects of environmental conditions on materials and products.

    Model: TGDJS-100
    Capacity: 100L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Blue
    Interior dimension: 500×400×500 mm
    Exterior dimension: 1050×1030×1750 mm

  • Climatest Symor® is an environmental test chamber manufacturer and supplier in China, environmental test chamber is a type of laboratory equipment used to simulate and control various environmental conditions, such as high low temperature and humidity. The chamber is designed to maintain consistent conditions inside, allowing engineers, and researchers to perform tests and experiments in a controlled environment.

    Model: TGDJS-50
    Capacity: 50L
    Shelf: 2 pcs
    Color: Blue
    Interior dimension: 350×320×450 mm
    Exterior dimension: 950×950×1400 mm

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