Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components
  • Baking Cabinets for Electronic ComponentsBaking Cabinets for Electronic Components
  • Baking Cabinets for Electronic ComponentsBaking Cabinets for Electronic Components
  • Baking Cabinets for Electronic ComponentsBaking Cabinets for Electronic Components
  • Baking Cabinets for Electronic ComponentsBaking Cabinets for Electronic Components
  • Baking Cabinets for Electronic ComponentsBaking Cabinets for Electronic Components

Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components

Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components ultra-low humidity control technology with low temperature baking, which meets the long-term storage environment of 40℃, <10%RH, these baking dry cabinets are designed for storing electronic components,PCB, MSD in a hot and dry atmosphere.

Model: TDE1436F-6
Capacity: 1436L
Temperature & humidity range: 40℃ <10%RH
Recovery time: Max. 30 min after open door 30 seconds then closed. (Ambient 25℃ 60%RH)
Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
Color: Dark blue, ESD safe
Interior dimension: W1198*D682*H1723 MM
Exterior dimension: W1200*D710*H1910 MM

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Product Description


Climatest Symor® baking dry cabinets, also called low humidity baking dry cabinets, are ideal for storing electronic components that have been exposed to ambient humidity, the Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components come with 40℃ heating and <10%RH low humidity, it deeply excites the water molecules deep inside the components, and make them completely dry, these baking dry cabinets can also be used as normal low humidity storage cabinets without heating.

Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components Specification



Interior Dimension


Exterior Dimension


Average Power (W)

Gross Weight (KG)

Max. Load/shelf (KG)




































Baking Cabinets for Electronic Components Feature

·Temperature 40℃, humidity <10%RH.
-The baking dry cabinets can be used as normal low humidity storage cabinets without heating, when 40℃ low temperature baking function is not required, low humidity storage is also available.

·Adopts Switzerland original imported humidity & temperature sensor.
-This ensures high precision in use, moreover, the baking dry cabinets has memory function, no need to re-set after power interrupted.

·Made by 1.2mm thickness galvanized steel, with USA DuPont anti-static powder spraying.
-Solid structure, excellent load-bearing, surface treatment with 18 powder spraying processes, the static resistance value meets 106 -108Ω.

·The middle insulation layer in the baking dry cabinets body effectively maintains the constant temperature inside, which ensures better baking performance.
·Powerful dry module with +15 years projected lifespan. - The baking dry cabinets adopts multi-porous molecular sieve as desiccant, it can be regenerated automatically, no consumables and no replacement needed.

·Universal castors equipped at bottom, ESD safe.
- Reinforced ESD castors are installed at the bottom, front two with locking.

40℃, <10%RH baking dry cabinets

40℃ baking dry cabinets can be used as 40℃ low temperature baking cabinets or the normal low humidity storage cabinets, the machine uses 40℃ temperature to force the water molecules to evaporate from the inside of the electronic components, then the dry modules discharge the moisture out of the cabinet, in the way, the water molecules are completely absorbed and discharged.
The hot air drying oven is also used for electronic components baking, but it causes potential heat damage and oxidation under high temperature, the moisture will attach to the components again after cooling down, this can’t completely solve the problem of humidity damages.

Normal storage

 Reflow process

Moisture in the ambient penetrates into the packages.

During heating, the water steam pressure increases, that separates the die and resin.

The water steam continues to expand under heating, blowing up the packages.

The water steam breaks the packages, which causes micro-cracking.

baking dry cabinets effectively solve the “false drying” problems, in particular, many defective components often come from "false drying", that is, when the ambient temperature is low, although the components surface is completely dry, the deep water molecules inside have not been removed and cannot be detected by instruments, during soldering in reflow process, the internal water molecules expand after heating, which cause cracking and non-effective soldering.
baking dry cabinets is widely used for storing SMT components, tapes & reels, Printed circuits boards (PCB ), electronic components, it also protects and remove moisture from optical lens, pharmaceutical raw materials, precision parts, and all low humidity and low temperature treatment application.

40℃ Baking Series dehumidifying speed:

40℃ baking dry cabinets is suitable for ambient temperature >15℃.(Ambient 25 degree C, humidity 60%RH)

What is 40℃ baking dry cabinets?

Climatest Symor® baking dry cabinets is built to maintain the interior humidity <10%RH, and bake electronic components under 40℃ atmosphere, it adopts the auto dehumidifying technology, no nitrogen needed, no vacuum needed, users just connect the baking dry cabinets to the power supply, it will automatically work.
The dry unit is the core of the baking dry cabinets , it is made by synthetic desiccant, which is self generating, auto-dehumidifying, and maintenance free, this synthetic desiccant lifespan is + 15 years without replacement, there is no cooling drops, no desiccant bags, the whole baking and dehumidifying process is safe and environmental.

baking dry cabinets adopts high accuracy Switzerland imported RH and temperature sensor, the sensor automatically controls the refreshing and recycling of the synthetic desiccant, with 2% accuracy.

Characteristics of 40℃ baking dry cabinets

Independent modular design: This baking dry cabinets adopts a patented modular design, the temperature & humidity display, the control system, heating module, dry modules can be quickly replaced, maintenance is simple, this significantly improves maintenance efficiency.
Environmental design: The whole baking dry cabinets does not produce waste to pollute the environment. This model is designed for long-term use, if the main structure of the machine body is complete, non-destructive, only need to periodically check and replace the faulty module, it can be used forever, this is the latest green design that conforms to environmental protection.
Easy operation: There is no complicated settings, and personnel do not need training, the machine only needs plug in, it can operate fully automatically. It is an efficient industrial-grade baking dry cabinets. It not only saves you personnel training cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.
Calibration reminder: The drift of sensors influence the baking dry cabinets accuracy. In order to comply with the ISO regulation, the calibration expiration reminding function is offered in this model. When the sensor runs over the pre-set days, the decimal point in the controller will flash to remind the user, this function effectively save manpower.

Advantages of baking dry cabinets

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