Benchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber
  • Benchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test ChamberBenchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber
  • Benchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test ChamberBenchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber
  • Benchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test ChamberBenchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber

Benchtop Environmental Humidity and Temperature Test Chamber

Benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber, also called benchtop temperature humidity chamber, uses air circulation to maintain uniform temperature and humidity in the testing room, it provides an economical and space-saving solution for testing small products, this benchop test chamber meets high performance to fulfil your environmental testing needs.

Model: TGDJS-50T
Capacity: 50L
Shelf: 1pc
Color: Blue
Interior dimension: W350×D350×H400mm
Exterior dimension: W600×D1350×H1100mm

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Product Description


From -20 / -40 / -70 to +150°C, (humidity: 20 to 95%RH), Climatest Symor® benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber combines a wide operation range in a compact design, features easy-to-operate touch screen controller, benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber is an ideal testing equipment for small components, and available in 50L volume.


Model TGDJS-50T
Interior Dimension W350×D350×H400mm
Exterior Dimension W600×D1350×H1100mm
Temperature Range Model A :-20°C~+150°C    Model B: -40°C~+150°C    Model C: -70°C~+150°C
Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5°C; Temperature Uniformity: ≤2°C
Heating Rate 2.0~3.0°C/min
Cooling Rate 0.7~1.0°C/min
Humidity Range 20% ~ 98% R.H (5%RH/10%RH also available)
Humidity Bias +2/-3% R.H
Interior Material Anti-corrosion SUS#304 brushed stainless steel
Exterior Material Cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying
Insulation Superfine fiberglass wool / polyurethane foam
Controller 7” Japan original imported UNIQUE(UMC) touch screen controller
Circulation System High temperature resistant motors, single cycle, long axis and stainless steel multi-leaf type centrifuge fan
Humidification Shallow slot humidification, steam humidification mode, automatic water supply with water shortage alarm
Dehumidification Refrigeration dehumidification mode
Heating System NiCr heater, independent system
Refrigeration France "TECUMSEH" Hermetic Compressors, Unit cooling mode/Dual cooling mode (air-cooling)
Protection Devices Leakage and outage protection, compressor over-pressure, overheat, over-current protection, overload fusing protection,audio signal alarm, water shortage alarm
Power Supply 220V·50HZ/60HZ,380V 50HZ/60HZ

Safety protection:

·Independent temperature limiter: An independent shutdown and alarm for thermal protection purpose during the test.

·Refrigeration system: Over-heat, over-current and over-pressure protection of compressor.

·Test chamber: Over-temperature protection, overheat of fan and motor, phase failure/reverse, timing of the entire equipment.

·Others: Leakage and outage protection, overload fusing protection, audio signal alarm, power leakage protection, and overload protection.

Temperature and humidity curve:

Programmable controller advanatages:

·7 inch Japan programmable touch screen controller

·Set temperature point under fix value mode or programs mode

·Temperature set point and realtime temperature curve display

·100 groups program with 999 segment memory; each segment 99Hour59Min

·Test data can be downloaded as required through RS232 interface


·Testing area made by anti-corrosion SUS#304 brushed stainless steel

·Door sealing made by high temperature resistant and aging resistant silicone rubber

·Uniform air circulation system inside testing area

·Original imported France "Tecumseh" refrigeration compressors

·25mm diameter cable port locates at the right side

Effective transparent viewing window and lighting inside for easy observation

What is benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber?

benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber structure is optimized to be placed on benchtop and save space, it shows better temperature and humidity uniformity in a small enclosure, with 3 different temperature ranges (-20, -40, or -60℃) and 20% to 98%RH humidity, comes in 50L volume.

Benchtop temperature humidity chamber simulates high temperature, low temperature, temperature humidity cycling conditions, to test products performance changes in extreme environments, it suits reliability test of industrial products.

·Easy installation
·Precise temperature control in small chamber
·Desktop type designed for limited space laboratory
·Over-temperature limiter

·Japan programmable LCD controller
·Record 365 days history data
·Temperature & humidity realtime and history curve display
·RS232 computer interface for data download

Application of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

The inherent reliability of electronic components depends on the reliability design scheme. During the manufacturing process, due to fluctuations in human factors or raw materials, process parameters, and equipment conditions, the final product cannot all achieve the expected reliability. In each batch of finished products, there are always hidden defects, which manifest as early failure under certain stress conditions.

Moreover, electronic components have very strict requirements on temperature and humidity conditions, and the influence is very huge. Therefore, the benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber is often used in the electronics industry. For instance, Are the circuits can meet the required temperature? Because the ambient temperature increases by 10℃, the life of the electronic components is reduced by about 30%-50%, and at least 10%.

So it is necessary to take measures to test these electronic components with initial failure as much as possible before next assembly, and for this purpose, benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber is one of the fundamental testing equipments in early quality control process:

1. High temperature storage of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

High temperature screening is commonly used on semiconductor devices, which are stored at high temperature for 24 to 168 hours. Most of the failures of electronic components are caused by surface contamination, poor bonding, and defective oxide layers, which are closely related to temperature.

The thermal stress and screening duration of various electronic components should be appropriately selected to avoid new failure mechanisms. High-temperature screening is simple, inexpensive, and can be implemented on many components.

2. Temperature circulation system of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

Due to heat expansion and cold contraction principle, electronic devices will encounter different ambient temperature conditions during use, and components with poor thermal resistance are prone to failure, portable thermal chamber simulates temperature cycles between extreme high temperature and extreme low temperature, which can effectively eliminate products with thermal performance defects. The commonly used screening conditions for components are -55 to +125℃, and 5 to 10 cycles.

3. Temperature humidity cycling of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

Benchtop temperature humidity cabinet tests the adaptability of products in use or storage under different environment conditions, because it will directly or indirectly affect peformance of products, the chamber provides useful data for design, production and use, and also expose problems in product design, raw materials, and manufacturing processes.

Automobile Industry:

Under the conditions of low temperature, high temperature, temperature and humidity cycling, the benchtop temperature and humidity chamber conducts environmental simulation tests, to check the physical changes of the products , and judges whether the performance can still meet the predetermined requirements through testing, so as to provide product design, improvement, identification reference.

What temperature and humidity tests should be done for autoparts?

1) High temperature test: The high temperature environment produce thermal effects, which will cause softening, expansion and evaporation, gasification, cracking, melting and aging of automobile parts (such as airbag, windshield washer system, brake hose, plastic parts), then automobiles will have mechanical breakdown, dealing failures, poor insulation of circuit systems, and more.

2) Low temperature test: The low temperature environment causes auto parts physical contraction, oil solidification, mechanical strength reduction, material brittlement, loss of elasticity and ice and more, then the automobile will appear cracking, mechanical failure, wear increase, sealing failure and insulation faults of circuit system.

3) Damp heat test: The ambient humidity causes corrosion on the metal surface, leading to material deterioration, electrical strength and insulation resistance reduction.

Climatest Symor® offers a complete set of climatic test chambers for the automotive industry, offering advanced technical solutions for R&D applications as well as the production and quality control of components and complete vehicles. benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber , Thermal shock test chamber, salt spray corrosion chamber, sand and dust chamber, rain test chamber, UV aging chamber - all environmental conditions can be simulated and reproduced.

LED lighting Manufacturing Industry:

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is mostly used for indicator lights, lighting, display panels in home appliances and industry, it has the advantages of high efficiency and long service life. However, a certain service life should be assessed in the early development stage, this can be obtained through the environmental reliability test, the common equipments are temperature humidity test chamber, temperature chamber, thermal shock chamber, through setting the temperature,humidity and cycles to proceed lifespan test, such as 85℃ / 85%, 60℃/ 85%, 500 hours, to evaluate whether the performance meets the quality standards or not.

LED-related products, such as OLED display modules, need to follow below principles when using a temperature humidity test chamber:

1. Considering the product life cycle, analyze the type of environment encountered during production, transportation and storage.

2. Analyze the environmental factors that have the greatest impact on product performance, and select it for testing.

3. Collect and analyze the extreme climatic conditions encountered in the whole life cycle.

4. Analyze the characteristics of the product, in order to accelerate the assessment of environmental impact, extreme climatic conditions can be selected, such as damp heat test.

5. The duration of the test is closely related to the product type, structure, weight, etc.

In the LED industry, it is necessary to use the temperature humidity test chamber for testing. These tests are connected together. If the quality of the product itself is not good enough, it will not pass the environmental test in the next process, so the product will not pass.

Moreover, temperature humidity test chamber is also applied in wireless communication, Industrial computer, cloud products, industries, different testing requirments are carried out by simulating the natural and accelerated environment, temperature humidity test chamber is a common equipment for environmental reliability testing.

What is the refrigeration principle of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber ?

The refrigeration circulation adopts reverse Carnot cycle, it includes two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes: the refrigerant is compressed to high pressure through adiabatic compression of compressor, and then the refrigerant conduct heat exchange with ambient medium and transfer heat to these mediums isothermally. After then, refrigerant works by adiabatic expansion through cut-off valve, and the temperature of refrigerant decline. Finally, refrigerant absorbs heat from objects of high temperature isothermally through evaporator to reduce the temperature of the objects to be cooled. This cycle shall repeat to realize temperature decrease.

What are advantages of Climatest Symor® benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber ?

·Concentrate on envionmental testing equipments manufacturing in eary China

·With independent intellectual property rights and design patents and master the environmental test chamber core technology.

·The controller is easy-to-operate Japan LCD programmable which can be remotely controlled (optional).

·Accurate temperature control and optimal temperature uniformity.

·The refrigeration system uses France original imported compressors.

·Equipped with multi-safety protection devices.

Packages of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

First step: Wrap thin film onto the whole temperature test chamber for waterproof and dustproof purpose.

Second step: Bind bubble foam on temperature test chamber tightly, and then cover the machine with a big plastic bag.

Third step: Put temperature test chamber into a reinforced polywood case with pallet at bottom.

This package is firm enough to withstand bumpy sea and railway transportation, and ensure the product is delivered to customers smoothly.

Shipment of benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber

The benchtop environmental humidity and temperature test chamber is not suitable for air shipment, because there is refrigerant and compressor inside, currently the common shipment methods are as follow:

To Europe: By sea, China-EU railway

To North America/South America: By sea, Matson Clipper is limited to United States

To Southeast Asia: By sea, by road

To New Zealand/Australia: By sea

To Africa: By sea

Climatest Symor® arranges booking service before shipment, and cooperate with customers under different incoterms, such as CIF/FOB//EXW/DAP; Climatest Symor® also provides door to door service (incoterm: DDP), that means we handle all export and import procedures, customers just need to sign for receipt.

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