Climate Chambers Humidity Temperature
  • Climate Chambers Humidity TemperatureClimate Chambers Humidity Temperature
  • Climate Chambers Humidity TemperatureClimate Chambers Humidity Temperature
  • Climate Chambers Humidity TemperatureClimate Chambers Humidity Temperature
  • Climate Chambers Humidity TemperatureClimate Chambers Humidity Temperature
  • Climate Chambers Humidity TemperatureClimate Chambers Humidity Temperature

Climate Chambers Humidity Temperature

Climatest Symor® climate chambers humidity temperature, are designed to test your products reliability under high low temperature and humidity alternating environment, temperature ranges from -70℃ to 150℃, and humidity from 20%RH to 98%RH. The chamber suits quality evaluation in early R&D stage in manufacturing industries, like electronic, automobile, electrical equipment, packaging, chemical, adhesion tape, plastics and more.

Model: TGDJS-250
Capacity: 250L
Shelf: 2 pcs
Color: Blue
Interior dimension: 600×500×810 mm
Exterior dimension: 1120×1100×2010 mm

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Product Description

Find climate chambers humidity temperature here. More than 200+ climate test chambers for selection. Supply a variety of standard and customized chambers. Rich experience in production. Climatest Symor® offers a high performance and economical solution to meet your testing requirements. You can click below video to learn details:










Interior Dimension








Exterior Dimension








Temperature Range

Model A :-20°C~+150°C Model B: -40°C~+150°C Model C: -70°C~+150°C

Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5°C; Temperature Uniformity: ≤2°C

Heating Rate


Cooling Rate


Humidity Range

20% ~ 98% R.H (5%RH,10%RH also available)

Humidity Bias

+2/-3% R.H

Interior Material

Anti-corrosion SUS#304 brushed stainless steel

Exterior Material

Cold rolled steel plate with electrostatic spraying


Superfine fiberglass wool / polyurethane foam


7”Programmable LCD touch screen controller

Circulation System

High temperature resistant motors, single cycle, long axis and stainless steel multi-leaf type centrifuge fan


Shallow groove humidification, steam humidification mode, automatic water supply with water shortage alarm


Refrigeration dehumidification mode

Heating System

NiCr heater, independent system


France "TECUMSEH" Hermetic Compressors, Unit cooling mode/Dual cooling mode (air-cooling)

Protection Devices

Leakage and outage protection, compressor over-pressure, overheat, over-current protection, overload fusing protection,audio signal alarm, water shortage alarm

Power Supply

220V·50HZ/60HZ,380V 50HZ/60HZ

Safety protection:

·Independent temperature limiter: An independent shutdown and alarm for thermal protection purpose during the test.

·Refrigeration system: Over-heat, over-current and over-pressure protection of compressor.

·Test chamber: Over-temperature protection, overheat of fan and motor, phase failure/reverse, timing of the entire equipment.

·Others: Leakage and outage protection, overload fusing protection, audio signal alarm, power leakage protection, and overload protection.

Temperature and humidity curve:

Climate chambers humidity temperature, Constant temperature and humidity controlled environmental chambers

Structure of climate chambers humidity temperature


The backside of the working chamber is the air duct, the upper part of the air duct is an outlet, the lower part is a return air outlet, equipped with a long axial flow air supply motor, a centrifugal fan blade, a heater and a refrigeration evaporator inside.

Beside working chamber, it is the control panel, the temperature humidity control chambers adopt programmable LCD touch screen controller for easy operation.

Programmable controller advanatages:

·7 inch Japan programmable touch screen controller

·Set temperature point under fix value mode or programs mode

·Temperature set point and realtime temperature curve display ·100 groups program with 999 segment memory; each segment 99Hour59Min

·Test data can be downloaded as required through RS232 interface

The left side of control panel is electrical cabinet, all core electrical components are Schneider and other well-known brands.

Testing hole (Cable Access Port):φ50mm lead hole is located at the right side of the chamber, with reinforced soft rubber plug and cover.

The Lower part is the refrigeration system, it includes refrigeration pipelines, compressors, evaporator, motor/ fans and water tank.

The bottom is high-quality heavy duty PU castors with brakes.

2.Heating and Refrigeration System

Climate chambers humidity temperature adopt forced air convection to perform heating and cooling tests.

To realize temperature humidity control, the test chamber should be able to carry out two functions: heating and cooling, uniform temperature also must be evenly distributed inside the testing area, Climatest Symor® makes it possible to achieve a high degree of temperature uniformity in the whole testing area.

Climate chambers humidity temperature adopt mechanical cooling system and mechanical heating system to conduct testings on products:

Mechanical heating system consists of electric heating elements positioned near the ventilation system, so that the heated hot air is delivered into the testing zone from air inlet, then come out from air outlet, meanwhile, there are centrifugal fans located at the back of the air inlet, so as to blast the hot air to reach better uniformity.

Mechanical cooling system consists of a closed circuit system, with the following main components:

·Control valve




The refrigeration system in a thermal test chamber is classified to be single stage and double stage, the single stage is adopted with temperature -40℃ and above, and double stage (also called cascade system) is with temperature below 40℃.

3.Humidification and Dehumidification System

Humidifying Tube: Nickel-chromium naked heater

Shallow groove humidification method

Humidifier control method: Contact-less equal-period pulse-width modulation, SSR (Solid State Relay)

Water level automatic compensation and water shortage alarming system

Water Supply adopts automatic watering System, Circulating water supply together with water filter.


Climate chambers humidity temperature, Constant temperature and humidity controlled chambers 50L-1000L
Climate chambers humidity temperature are used to test auto parts performance under extreme environment, such as cold, heat, damp and dry conditions, this test chamber is widely applied in electronics, electrical appliances, communication, automobile, plastic products, chemicals, aerospace and more.

New energy vehicles, also known as alternative fuel vehicles, meets explosive growth from 2021. It is a strategic measure to address climate change and promote green development. However, environmental reliability testing becomes indispensable in the R&D process before mass manufacturing new energy vehicle, below is the common climatic tests:


Low temperature test,constant temperature test,frosting charging test

2.Vehicle sensors

Thermal cycle test of substrate,temperature test after soldering


Hardening test after resin molding,moisture resistance


Charge and discharge test, aging test


Screen detection,temperature humidity test,accelerated test,thermal shock test

6.Power device

Temperature cycle test, high temperature storage, dynamic aging test

7.Small engine

Temperature and humidity cycle test

8.Navigation device

Screen detection

What will you obtain if you purchase Climatest Symor® climate chambers humidity temperature?

· Different sizes, different climatic conditions, different applications are integerated in Climatest Symor® climate chambers humidity temperature, temperature ranges from -70°C to +180°C and relative humidity up to 98%RH.

·Climatest Symor® masters the core environmental test chamber manufacturing technology, with a unique method to create homogeneous temperature conditions for the entire testing chamber.

· Rest-assured service and support: Climatest Symor® ensures our customers receive prompt service and support for their machines, we provide online supports, service hotline, and video guide.

·Options and Accessories for selection: Each Climatest Symor® climate chambers humidity temperature have an extensive selection of options and accessories, so customers’ specific needs can be customized.

Test limit of Climatest Symor® climate chambers humidity temperature

Use of this test equipment is prohibited:
.Testing or storage of flammable, explosive, volatile materials
.Testing or storage of samples of corrosive substances
.Testing or storage of biological samples
.Testing or storage of samples from sources of strong electromagnetic radiation

Packaging & shipment of climate chambers humidity temperature

First step: Wrap thin film onto the whole temperature test chamber for waterproof and dustproof purpose.

Second step: Bind bubble foam on temperature test chamber tightly, and then cover the machine with a big plastic bag.

Third step: Put temperature test chamber into a reinforced polywood case with pallet at bottom.

The packaging is sturdy enough to withstand bumpy sea and rail transport and ensure the product is delivered safely to the customers.

Climate chambers humidity temperature are commonly shipped by Sea, Road and Railway, Climatest Symor® helps to make booking for customers, and fully asist customers’ specific shipping requirements, different incoterms are available, like EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP.

Installation site of climate chambers humidity temperature

Good air ventilation

As shown right

Flat floor

A: ≥60cm

No fierce vibration

B: ≥60cm

No electromagnetic

C: ≥120cm

No inflammable and explosive materials

Attention: inclination should not exceed 15°C

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