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Structure and performance of electronic moisture proof cabinet

1. Cabinet material: 1.2mm thick steel, high-strength structure cabinet body, high load steel laminate, good tightness,

4mm tempered glass is used for the visible window of the cabinet door, and the pressing installation method is adopted to make the glass and steel

The door frame is combined, and the air tightness and strength meet the requirements.

2. Humidity control system: the electronic moisture-proof cabinet adopts the dehumidification technology of aviation material "shape memory alloy", which is energy-saving, environmental friendly and stable in dehumidification.

3. Moisture absorption method: it adopts dynamic adsorption of polymer materials, which can absorb moisture circularly, and it still has the function of moisture absorption after power failure.

4. Humidity range: 1-40% RH, settable, display accuracy ± 3% RH.

5. Display mode: microcomputer digital LED display, temperature and humidity can be displayed at the same time, LED light shows the working state, and provides reset key zero operation function.

6. Environmental protection design: low energy design, no frost, no dripping, low power.

7. Upgrade port: reserve the on-site software upgrade port, and you can upgrade the technology free of charge without removing the panel.

8. Temperature compensation: due to the direct influence of temperature on humidity, the equipment has made corresponding compensation, so that the humidity accuracy has a reliable guarantee.

9. Intelligent sleep: the built-in intelligent Sleep Technology in the electronic moisture-proof cabinet makes the equipment more energy-saving and stable.

10. Anti static design: iron gray anti-static baking paint (surface resistance is 105 ~ 109 ohms), and the ground wire and static conductive brake wheel are directly connected with the earth to avoid static electricity generated by low humidity and protect electronic components more considerate.

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