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Classification of industrial drying ovens

Application of oven:

Ovens are widely used for heating, curing, drying and dehydration of materials and products in chemical industry, composite material industry, reducer industry, motor paint dipping and drying, resin curing, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, heavy industry, new material research and development and other industries.

Classification of oven:

Ovens are generally divided into the following types:

Hot air circulation oven: generally refers to a larger hot air oven

Electric blast drying oven: oven with temperature below 250 ℃, also known as blast drying oven

Industrial oven: that is, industrial oven, which is also known as oven and oven in some southern regions

High temperature oven: when the oven temperature is higher than 250 ℃, it has great requirements on the material of the oven itself. At the same time, because the movement of gas under high temperature becomes difficult to control, high temperature oven puts forward higher requirements on the uniformity control of temperature, which is much higher than that of low temperature oven

Explosion proof oven: generally refers to the oven with active and passive explosion-proof devices, which is coated with paint products on the surface of the oven and volatilizes flammable and explosive gases during the drying process

Welding electrode drying oven: an oven specially used for drying welding electrodes

Aging test box: mainly used for high temperature aging process or aging test of electrical products

Conveying tunnel oven: pipeline conveying type, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity

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