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<5%RH electronic dry cabinets for low humidity storage, equipped with three-color tower light, shipped to United States.


These electronic dry cabinets are installed with over humidity buzzer/signal alarm, and open door buzzer/signal alarm.

Climatest Symor® <5%RH series electronic dry cabinet, dry storage cabinet meets JEDEC-STD-033 standard, it is widely applied in surface mount technology.


Like an open bag of potato chips, electronic components also absorb moisture from the environment. Problems arise when these components pass through a reflow oven, because of high temperature heating during the soldering process, the absorbed moisture inside rapidly release and expand, and try to break away from the components immediately, which causes failure on boards and internal circuits.


Electronic dry cabinet is able to bake out the moisture in the elements gently and slowly, restoring the floor life to the ex-factory state, this greatly helps SMT manufacturers reduce the production cost and improve the utilization rate.