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Benchtop temperature test chambers shipped to Pakistan Goverment projects, with temperature range -70ºC to 180ºC, 22L capacity, cascade system.


Climatest Symor® benchtop temperature test chamber is distinguished by its technical advantages and compact design, it maximizes the effective workspace in laboratories, and become the best seller in recent years.

Benchtop temperature test chambers follow below standard capacity and temperature ranges:

Capacity in litres:

12L /22L/36L/ 50L


Temperature range:

-20 °C / +180 °C

-40 °C / +180 °C -70 °C / +180 °C

Benchtop temperature test chambers realize high low temperature change treatment on products, programmable operation on LCD display, as well as high temperature control precision, the equipment simulates the actual environmental conditions by adopting an air circulation system inside.


Benchtop temperature test chamber is the best seller, whether you are testing automative sensors, fiber optics, PCB boards, or any other electronic components, benchtop temperature test chambers bring you thermal cycling test capability, with optimal temperature accuracy and uniformity.


Benchtop temperature test chamber is forward-looking, with reliable working performance, and good quality.


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