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Dehumidifying dry storage cabinet shipped to Philippines, for PCB low humidity storage application.


Dehumidifying dry storage cabinet is able to keep a relative humidity required for moisture sensitive devices, There are dry units installed in the electronic dry cabinet, they absorb moisture from MSD, after accumulating enough moisture, the system automatically discharges moisture to the outside, the whole process is intelligent.

In the busy SMT production workshop, you can often see that MBB are not sealed for a long time. After the bags fail, they still continue to use without notice, according to statistics, more than 1/4 of the world's defective products are related to the harm of moisture. For the electronics industry, moisture has become one of the main factors in quality control.  


In semiconductore industry, due to improper storage, moisture is penetrated into IC plastic packages, in the reflow soldering process, due to heating treatment, moisture inside packages become water vapor and rapidly expand to escape away from packages, this results in cracks and the metal oxidization, finally leading to product failure.

Dehumidifying dry storage cabinet provides a stable and long-term low humidity storage environment for electronic components, it forces moisture out of electronic components, compared with traditional drying oven, which uses high temperature baking method, it may damages interior wiring on boards, dehumidifying dry storage cabinet is more gentle and safer.


Climatest Symor® dehumidifying dry storage cabinet provides below humidity range:








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