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Temperature humidity test chamber shipped to Vietnam, for sphygmomanometer/ thermometer testing.


Temperature humidity test chamber performs high low temperature cycling, temperature and humidity alternating tests, to examine how products react to these extreme environmental conditions, temperature is controlled from -70℃ to 180℃, humidity is controlled from 10% to 98%RH.

Temperature and humidity test chamber is designed to examine how products react to various environmental conditions, like heat, cold, dry and humidity, the equipment is capable to fit different customers’ testing requirements in electronic, automotive, plastic, aerospace industries, universities and research institutes.

Climatest Symor® customizes temperature and humidity test chambers according to customers’ specific requirements, if we promise to do, we will ensure you 100% satisfactory, Climatest Symor® provides lifetime  technical support for all our environmental test chambers, electronic dry cabinets and air circulation ovens.



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