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Low humidity storage dry cabinet shipped to New Zealand, for electronic components storage.


Climatest Symor® low humidity storage dry cabinet is applied in electronic assembly production line, humidity is <5%RH, it is equipped with fast dehumidifying modules, which suits frequent door openings. The interior humidity can recover to the set point within 30 minutes. (after open door 30 seconds, then close)

In the production process, semi-finished electronics to next soldering process, before and after PCB packaging, not used-up IC, BGA, PCB boards after unpacking, are all at risk of getting wet. It is better to use a low humidity storage dry cabinet to store these products, and strictly control the humidity to meet the relative humidity requirements during production/storage in the workshop.


In electronics assembly industry, the humidity should be controlled at about 40%. Some types of electronics require even lower humidity. The low humidity storage dry cabinet can meet this humidity requirement, it is a good low humidity storage solution for electronic components.