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Heating hot air circulation oven shipped to India, for components baking and curing.


Heating hot air circulation oven is used for drying, curing, high temperature aging in electronic & semiconductor industry, laboratories and scientific research institutes, the baking oven adopts PID intelligent controller to meet precise temperature control, the temperature range is maximum to 300℃, with good uniformity.

Heating hot air circulation oven introduces the same channel coordination control method P.I.D+S.S.R  temperature control, it has the function of automatic calculus, and can revise temperature change conditions to realize more accurate and stable temperature control.

Air circulation oven with trolley charging cart is also available, we can customize the oven according to the specific technical parameters, such as trolley dimension, operating temperature, protection devices, controlling method, and more.


Climatest Symor® is good at temperature and humidity control technology, we supply all kinds of drying ovens to meet different customers’ demands.

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