Stainless Steel N2 Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel N2 CabinetStainless Steel N2 Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel N2 CabinetStainless Steel N2 Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel N2 CabinetStainless Steel N2 Cabinet

Stainless Steel N2 Cabinet

Stainless steel N2 cabinet provides clean, low humidity storage for both cleanroom and electronic assembly applications, the cabinet is designed for maximum load and durability, stainless steel N2 cabinet is installed with a nitrogen inlet to purge working area, so as to protect storage items from being oxidized, the whole N2 dry cabinet is made by mirror SUS#304.

Model: TDN1436S-4
Capacity: 1436L
Humidity: 1%-60%RH adjustable
Shelves: 5pcs, height adjustable
Color: Mirror stainless steel 304
Interior dimension: W1198*D682*H1723 MM
Exterior dimension: W1200*D710*H1910 MM

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Product Description


Climatest Symor® is stainless steel N2 cabinet manufacturer and supplier in China, Stainless steel N2 cabinet is equipped with nitrogen purge system, which provide automatic low humidity control, it is capable to measure and display humidity inside stainless steel N2 cabinet, the adjustable humidity range is 1-60%RH. The SS N2 cabinet maintains positive pressure to achieve a clean, low humidity storage environment, when the interior humidity is higher than the set point, the system automatically activates nitrogen purge system, when the interior humidity achieves the set point, the system automatically stops the purge system, this saves 70% nitrogen consumption.


Mode# with F: ESD function, Dark Blue color. Mode# without F: No ESD function, off white color



Interior Dimension


Exterior Dimension


Average Power (W)

Gross Weight (KG)

Max. Load/shelf (KG)








































































·Adopts Switzerland original imported humidity & temperature sensor.
-Humidity sensor accuracy is +/-2%, temperature sensor accuracy is +/-1.0℃.

·Made by reinforced stainless steel 304, designed for cleanroom.
-Solid structure, excellent load-bearing performance, mirror surface treatment with durable service life.

·Equipped with QDN module
-When the humidity inside stainless steel N2 cabinet achieves the set point, the system automatically shuts down the nitrogen supply, and start again when the humidity is higher than the set point, this greatly saves N2 consumption.

·Equipped with over-humidity alarm + door open alarm , and data logging system. (optional)
- If the interior humidity is 2-3 points higher than the set point, it immediately alarm with sound and light.
- If the door is open, or close incorrectly, it immediately alarm with sound and light.
- Data logger allows to monitor and down the real-time temperature and humidity on PC.

·Calibration Reminder
-A unique design of calibration expiration reminding function is offered in our stainless steel N2 cabinet.

How does stainless steel N2 cabinet work?

stainless steel N2 cabinet uses an external nitrogen gas source to fill the cabinet, in order to replace the original air inside, so that the interior cabinet is in a nitrogen surrounding atmosphere, which can quickly and effectively reduce humidity and oxygen content.

stainless steel N2 cabinet is professionally used to store various humidity-sensitive components and integrated circuits, to prevent them from being damaged by moisture. stainless steel N2 cabinet is widely used to store wafers in the semiconductor industry. Climatest Symor® stainless steel N2 cabinet has obvious advantages compared with ordinary direct nitrogen-filled cabinets, which can greatly save nitrogen consumption and reduce operating costs.

stainless steel N2 cabinet works on the principle of air replacement, Using a closed cabinet, nitrogen is flushed into the cabinet through an external air source, the nitrogen gas quickly replaces all the water vapor and oxygen inside. There is a misunderstanding, many potential customers doubt the pressure in the stainless steel N2 cabinet. In fact, N2 cabinet is not a pressure container, the pressure inside and outside is basically similar, and both are in an atmospheric pressure environment. The materials stored in the stainless steel N2 cabinet can effectively prevent oxidation and moisture damage.

stainless steel N2 cabinet adopts high precision Switzerland imported RH sensor, with 2% accuracy.

What are the moisture damages on electronic components?

The moisture damages exist in electronics industry as follows.

1. The wafers or semi-finished products after open, and the film, transistor-LCD glass substrates get damp and moldy under improper storage.

2. Oxidation of metal parts of optical fiber K gold connectors, Bonding gold wire materials, Leadframe copper materials.

3. The "gold finger" splashing tin caused by the explosive exhaust of the PCB substrate during reflow;

4. IC (including QFP/Ball Grid Array/CSP) integrated circuits and other components are internally oxidized and short-circuited during storage, and internal micro-cracks, separation and delamination, and "popcorn" phenomenaduring soldering.

Normal storage

Reflow process

Moisture in the ambient penetrates into the packages.

During heating, the water steam pressure increases, that separates the die and resin.

The water steam continues to expand under heating, blowing up the packages.

The water steam breaks the packages, which causes micro-cracking.

What is the use of stainless steel N2 cabinet?

stainless steel N2 cabinet, or stainless steel N2 cabinett has been mostly used in the electronics & semiconductor industry, universities and laboratories, stainless steel N2 cabinet adopts nitrogen purge system to replace the original air inside cabinet, in order to achieve anti-oxidation and low humidity storage, it is suitable for storing integrated circuits (ICs), such as monolithic, large-scale integrated circuit LSI, and BGA packaging, and more.

Morever, stainless steel N2 cabinet effectively prevents PCB boards from being delaminated by moisture, and protect SMD moisture sensitive components from being damaged during the soldering process. stainless steel N2 cabinet is commonly used in SMT production lines, and those industries who have high requirements for material oxidation protection, such as military industry, scientific research institutes, LED manufacturing, integrated circuit manufacturing, LCD panel manufacturing, and high-end surface mounted technology.

stainless steel N2 cabinet characteristic:

Stainless steel N2 nitrogen purge cabinet

Independent modular design: stainless steel N2 cabinet adopts a patented modular design, the temperature & humidity display, the control system, nitrogen module can be quickly replaced, maintenance is simple, this significantly improves maintenance efficiency.

Environmental design: The whole stainless steel N2 cabinet does not produce waste to pollute the environment. This model is designed for long-term use, if the main structure of the machine body is complete, non-destructive, only need to periodically check and replace the faulty module, it can be used forever, this is the latest green design that conforms to environmental protection.

Easy operation: There is no complicated settings, and personnel do not need training, the machine only needs plug in, it can operate fully automatically. It is an efficient industrial-grade stainless steel N2 cabinet. It not only saves you personnel training cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.

Calibration reminder: The drift of sensors influence stainless steel N2 cabinet accuracy. In order to comply with the ISO regulation, the calibration expiration reminding function is offered in this model. When the sensor runs over the preset days, the decimal point in the controller will flash to remind the user, this function effectively save manpower.

Difference between stainless steel N2 cabinet and electronic dry cabinet:

1. The stainless steel N2 cabinet is filled with nitrogen gas to squeeze original moist air out of cabinet, so as to create an inert gas protection environment, this way greatly protects oxygen sensitive components from being oxidized.

stainless steel N2 cabinet uses the nitrogen purge to meet low humidity and anti-oxidization storage requirement, the nitrogen purity is suggested to be >99%, stainless steel N2 cabinet is commonly used in microelectronics, semiconductor industries

The electronic dry cabinet is low humidity dry cabinet, dehumidifying dry storage cabinet, which absorbs moisture and discharge to the outside, to form a low humidity storage environment, it do has humidity control ability.

2. The stainless steel N2 cabinet uses the inert gas to create a low oxygen content environment, the products put into the stainless steel N2 cabinet is basically moisture-proof packaging, oxidation is difficult to occur.

The electronic dry cabinet can only control humidity, no anti-oxidization function, the oxygen content is almost same as the ambient environment.

Why does your stainless steel N2 cabinet can’t meet low humidity?

If stainless steel N2 cabinet can’t achieve low humidity, there are only two reasons: "Gas in" and "Gas out"

"Gas in" represents insufficient nitrogen amount filled in, also with frequent door opening, nitrogen escape amount is larger than the nitrogen amount filled, which fails to form a nitrogen surrounded environment, this results in high humidity inside N2 cabinet.

"Gas out" represents bad sealing performance of the stainless steel N2 cabinet, nitrogen filled into, but soon escape from the cabinet, if the escape amount is large, the nitrogen concentration in the stainless steel N2 cabinet is relatively low, the humidity will be high, and can not carry out a good anti-oxidation protection.

There are two solutions: one is to improve air-tightness of the stainless steel N2 cabinet, and the other is to increase nitrogen intake, users can adjust nitrogen flow on the flowmeter, please pay attention to above points before choosing a nitrogen cabinet.

For more details about the stainless steel N2 cabinet, pls visit our website or directly send emails to, we will get you back at quickest time, welcome for possible collaboration.

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