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A heating and drying oven, or hot air drying oven, is used to dry electronic components/samples under constant temperature, this benchtop drying oven is essential for applications such as electronics baking, aging test, glassware drying, and sterilization, Climatest Symor® is a leading hot air drying oven manufacturer in China, the company is engaged in environmental testing chamber, electronic dry cabinet and drying oven research, design, manufacturing,  and sales, with twenty years experience.

The heating and drying oven adopts a forced air circulation system, this system is composed of a fan and air duct, the fan can work continuously under high temperatures, to improve the temperature uniformity inside the studio.
The drying oven can perform drying and curing treatment with a temperature maximum to 250 degree C, the interior oven is made of mirror stainless steel 304, the PID temperature controller is intelligent control, with over-temperature protection and timing function, moreover, the air intake and exhaust volume can be adjusted on the control panel.

Climatest Symor® puts quality and service in the first place, all the key parts on the hot air drying oven are imported, we strive to optimize every aspect of the benchtop drying oven, including forward-looking design, cutting-edge manufacturing, and after-sale service with dedication spirit.

Climatest Symor® heating and drying oven is CE approved, we specialize in temperature & humidity control technology, beside drying oven, we also manufacture electronic dry cabinet and environmental test chamber, with absolute advantages.
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  • Forced air circulation oven is designed to bake various materials and samples in a temperature controlled environment. The device consists of a thermally insulated chamber, heating source, and a temperature control system to regulate the temperature inside the oven.

    Model: TG-9030A
    Capacity: 30L
    Interior Dimension: 340*325*325 mm
    Exterior dimension: 625*510*495 mm

  • Thermostatic drying oven is commonly used to dry glassware after washing in laboratory experiments. Drying glassware in an oven helps to remove the water residue completely and prevents any unwanted reaction caused by water droplets, which can alter results or even introduce contamination.

    Model: TG-9023A
    Capacity: 25L
    Interior Dimension: 300*300*270 mm
    Exterior dimension: 585*480*440 mm

  • A benchtop drying oven is a type of laboratory oven that is small enough to sit on a benchtop, rather than taking up floor space. These ovens are commonly used for drying and curing small samples, test pieces, and other laboratory materials that require heat treatment.

    Model: TG-9240A
    Capacity: 225L
    Interior Dimension: 600*500*750 mm
    Exterior dimension: 890*685*930 mm

  • An oven for laboratory use is a specialized piece of equipment designed to heat and dry samples or materials in a temperature controlled environment. These ovens are essential for many laboratory experiments, and are commonly used in academic, industrial, and research institutes.

    Model: TG-9203A
    Capacity: 200L
    Interior Dimension: 600*550*600 mm
    Exterior dimension: 885*730*795 mm

  • A baking oven for electronic components is typically used to dry or bake electronics at low temperatures. It can reduce the humidity in electronic components, or remove moisture that has been absorbed by the components during storage and use.

    Model: TG-9140A
    Capacity: 135L
    Interior Dimension: 550*450*550 mm
    Exterior dimension: 835*630*730 mm

  • A PCB (Printed Circuit Board) baking oven is an industrial oven that is used to cure or bake electronic components. PCB Baking Oven is a controlled oven that cures the epoxy or solder mask that is applied to the surface of the PCB, and remove the moisture inside.

    Model: TG-9123A
    Capacity: 120L
    Interior Dimension: 550*350*550 mm
    Exterior dimension: 835*530*725 mm

We are professional in manufacturing Drying Oven Climatest Symor is one of the Drying Oven manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We also provide low price with our high quality commodity. If you are interested, please contact us.
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